Yoga teacher training certification in India

Shiva Yoga Peeth has designed affordable yoga teacher training courses with a mission wherein learning is accelerated, confidence is amplified and new habits are formed. This is where deep transformation happens.

 When you get away from the distractions and turbulence of your daily life and immerse yourself in a yoga teacher training at Shiva Yoga Peeth, you’ll . . .
• Replenish and nourish yourself in body, mind and spirit
• Feel strong, healthy and grounded in your daily life
• Gain greater clarity around your life’s ultimate purpose
• Develop a rock-solid practice that supports you through life’s ups and downs
• You’ll realize the full potential of your mind
• Open the door to a satisfying potential new career as a yoga instructor
• Feel confident, inspired and truly ready to teach

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 About Shiva Yoga Peeth

Pursuing a TTC in Shiva Yoga Peeth you feel that the courses are well elaborated and well structured. By learning more about yoga as a complete practice, you’ll emerge from this program with the tools you need to nurture your students, emotionally and physically – helping them to facilitate healing their own spiritual wounds and bodies. The unique reason that brings students from different corners under one roof of Shiva Yoga Peeth is because of healing practice. Use this connection to your life’s passion. Expand your ability to teach and hold space, while expanding your impact as a soulful teacher. With daily, in-depth yoga lessons presented in a safe and sacred space, this yoga teacher training intensive is ideal for those who wish to experience a resurgence of personal passion for the yogic way of life.
Shiva Yoga Peeth is a perfect for creating an immersive, one-of-a-kind training experience. Yoga certification programs that would not only develop confident, knowledgeable and passionate yoga teachers; but that would also provide seekers with an opportunity to connect to who they really are. Because that’s what being a yoga teacher is really all about –– deepening your relationship with your highest self so that you may shine a light onto the lives of others. Each of our course listed will help you to deepen your practice, connect to your purpose and, ultimately, lead others toward greater health and wellness as a yoga instructor. Our goal is to empower you to not only acquire the practical + philosophical teachings of yoga, but to actualize them through the direct experiences of practicing and teaching.

Let us be the mortar, let the practice be the pestle.
You only need to show up . . . ready to be transformed!

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Shivayogapeeth (A Registered Yoga School), offers Yoga Alliance certified 200 – 300 – 500 Hours Yoga teacher training courses in Rishikesh, India