Yoga Alliance Certified Best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Yoga Alliance certified Multi Style 200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification for Beginners & Advanced Students at Rishikesh India.

Divine Yoga Life Yoga school – a registered Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance certification courses 200 hour, 300 hour & 500 hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India with authentic traditional Indian aspects of yoga. We have our roots firmly grounded and hence, our program is suitable for all those yoga enthusiasts who desire to take a plunge into this beautiful spiritual journey which connects the physical body to mental attributes and finally soothes the soul. We here at Divine Yoga Life provide this authentic knowledge to students coming from different corners of the world.

India specifically Rishikesh is “World Capital of Yoga”. The position where we are today is because of our knowledgable teachers, their dedication, their keen desire to spread this ocean of our sacred science and nonetheless the love of our students. You will find the fundamental difference in the understanding of the yogic path at Divine Yoga Life. We follow ancient yoga approach in ashram so the TTC is designed in such a way that the ethical practices are ingrained automatically in students. We follow the ancient Gurukul system.

Experienced Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh, India

Guruji, yoga guru at Divine Yoga Life sees to it that each student is given personal attention. When a guru personally observes the progression of a student then success is bound to happen and this shall result in the growth of the student both at a physical and spiritual level. Guruji practices and teaches Hatha yoga, Shivananda yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Mantra yoga.

Guruji has one motive and aim in life that is to spread this ancient yogic science in each and every corner of the world. For this he travels all round the world to spread this knowledge to bring peace, harmony, love and happiness to one and all. The Best Yoga Teacher Training Certification program starts in Rishikesh.

Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow And Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India

200 hour yoga teacher training in india

The Divine Yoga Life(yoga ashram) offers the 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh for every yoga learner. No matter whether you are at the beginning stage or an intermediate stage or are at an advanced stage of yoga, you will find suitable yoga teachings at this yoga ashram. 

After getting the Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh by the Divine Yoga Life, students will get certified by the Yoga Alliance USA and hence they can start their own yoga class. 

This Yoga Teacher Training Certification course in India is not just meant for the people who see yoga as their career but it can also be undertaken by those who want their lifestyle to be changed so as to get peace in their lives.

The Yoga Teachers over here have the experience of many years and have great knowledge about yoga teacher training. They help the students to learn each and everything thoroughly. They cover up all the topics of the 200 hours yoga teacher training and teach them very precisely. 

Meditation, pranayama techniques, anatomy, philosophy lessons are some of the important topics which are covered in the 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

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Yoga Alliance 300 & 500 Hour Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India


To excel the skills of yoga at an advanced level, students can go for the 300 & 500 hours of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh after graduating from the 200 hours of yoga teacher training. After getting certified by the 300 & 500 hours of yoga teacher training course, one can become a master in yoga and it becomes easy for him to educate others about yoga. 

This yoga course helps the students to develop a deep understanding of yoga. 


The 200 hours yoga training and the 300 hours yoga training combined to form the 500 hours of yoga teacher training. People of any level can pursue this course easily and gain a complete pack of knowledge about yoga. After finishing this course, one will become a perfect yoga trainer. 

Advantage of Yoga Teacher Training at Divine Yoga Life Rishikesh, India

As a student of the Yoga Teacher Training program offered by Divine Yoga Life, you will:

  • Improvement in one’s physical fitness and health.
  • Regular nutritional meals (Yogic Diet)
  • Better mental health
  • It helps in the growth of the body, mind, and soul.
  • Helps in deepening of meditation
  • Make the person more flexible
  • Helps the person to acquire discipline
  • Helps in discovering inner-happiness 
  • Life becomes full of excitement and happiness
  • Generates energy and enthusiasm 
  • Inbuilt confidence and will power

By the end of the Yoga Teacher Training course, you will be a Certified Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance and be able to extend the gift of Yoga to others through your new found knowledge and practice.


  • All the courses offered by our school are certified by the Yoga Alliance USA. Once the students complete the yoga teacher training course by our school, they can get themselves registered with the Yoga Alliance USA. The certificates provided by us are valued and recognized across the world.
  • The 200, 300, and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training courses are recognized by the Yoga Alliance International.
  • Our Yoga School is a government registered. 

Why choose Divine Yoga Life ?

Divine Yoga Life is listed among the best yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. The method of teaching in this school is the best way for one to learn yoga. It offers various yoga teacher training courses like 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours of yoga teacher training courses. Every student who comes here gets the complete training from beginning to expert level.  

When the first level of teacher training ends, one gets all the tools that help them to instruct the classes for all kinds of students.

The classes which are given at our yoga center not only focus on making the students a well-yoga trainer but also helps all students to get a determination in life and find the purpose of their life. 

We have been giving this training to the various people who come from across the world. They all have gained the life-transforming experiences from here and now are living a purposeful and meaningful life. We help people to involve meditation, yoga, asanas in their daily life. This helps them to live a peaceful and happy life. They become stress less and experience inner-happiness. 

Apart from the best teachings, there is a most serene environment present around the center which develops new energy in the students. It also helps in generating inner-strength in the students. Every morning there can be seen a beautiful view of the Himalayan mountains. The holy river Ganga touches the Ashram and creates a holistic environment everywhere. 

The entire environment helps in improving the determination of the students.

Excellent Mountain view  & Mother Ganga River beach touching to our Ashram.And this is make unique and different from other schools.By this way students are automatically recharging and developing inner strength,Confident and strong will power by the divine bless of mother Ganga.

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